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Re: Aikido is Elbow Power

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Well if that's what the term means then I guess I just don't get why it would get a name. For instance, Shioda had terms that translate as things like "center power." Good name, I think. You use your center for everything, so that should be called "center power." But why talk about the elbow if there isn't something at work besides using your center?
Why? Because there are ways to use elbow power different from the center in the hand while still retaining the center in the hand. And it has some very important and useful aspects for aiki arts, grappling, punching as well as weapons.
And like I said...I haven't seen it covered yet in Aikido, Yoshinkan or otherwise. I usually get the deer in headlights look.
FWIW, saying you "use your center for everything" does not imply everyone knows everything. Lots of people say a lot of things...even well known ones. There are plenty of folks who go on and on about breath-power too. And you can hit them and they fall apart or watch them do waza and they're all shoulder, or push or stress them and watch their feet wabble.
I pay less attention to what people say over what they look and feel like. It's amazing how many supposed experts don't do very well when it comes to showing what they told you they know.
Just say'n