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Re: Aikido is Elbow Power

Lee Salzman wrote: View Post
But did this anchoring interpretation come from Gozo Shioda or was this the interpretation of one of Shioda's students? Wouldn't you basically want the engine to never shut off, keep it live, rather than let it sputter off?
It came from me saying it on the internet - and I put my experience in there (3 years) just to say I'm not an expert by any means nor am I a beginner. I definitely do not want to put my words on anyone else.

In the form, the leg stays straight. You don't let it go light and you since you can't bend it (and stay strictly within the form), as the leg is attached, it drags behind and can aid stability because it is always active. If my analogy was poor, then just discard it.

As skill progresses (I'm told), this form becomes less important and is merely a teaching tool, so at the top level like Shioda he would have no need to rely on the basic form to remind and train the body of the fundamentals because he had already mastered them.

I just stick to the form to strive for technical perfection withinit as I'm not a martial genius and couldn't figure out a better way to do it myself. So far no dead ends.