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Re: Aikido is Elbow Power

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I would say it is not a basic. There are many things to learn about it but that doesn't make it a basic. The basics for me are centre, one point,Ki extension, centre line, koshi, hara and kokyu. Then comes the natural pathways of energy and thus harmonious motion. That's enough to get on with for the first ten years at least.

Well someday maybe we'll meet and I can see how this list functions. For me, basic = kokyu. Next comes improving the kokyu via ki development. That's obsessed me for 3 years and has gotten some interesting comments from partners. Next.. well I better start meeting others and seeing what amazing stuff they are doing!

ps by kokyu I mean "putting the center into the hands" and that sort of thing, which is why the comments in this thread don't seem to suggest a specific meaning for "elbow power" to me.