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Re: -"masu" or -"mashita"?

David Santana wrote: View Post
my japanese teacher(who also practice aikido - 2nd dan) told me that "shita" is past tense so I usually say arigato gozaimashita after everything. but yesterday my aikido instructor told me that we use "shita" for something that is still continuing e.g: after pairing up but the class is still in session. when I shared with him what I know from my japanese teacher, he insisted that his understanding is the correct one(aikido instructor - 1st dan) because he's checked with 3 aikido dictionaries from 3 different aikido organizations..

what do u guys think? what do u usually say after pairing up and after class? is it arigato gozamasu or arigato gozaimashita?
I think you should totally call him out on it. Something like, "Look. I know you've got a fancy skirt and all. Buuuuuutttttt......hahahaha.

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