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Re: we need you Szczepan

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
You know Jonathan, this forum was designed to discuss aikido topics. However it became impossible to do it . Every more or less technical discussion quickly is spammed with "aiki" or "IP" off topics and a real topic is not discussed anymore. This spamming is done by pll who even don't practice aikido or by fresh converters who were not happy with their aikido skills. As even between them they can't agree on clear definition of ‘aiki' they create environment where only ‘those chosen" can have real understanding. Like in those famous religious sects.

What they are doing on aikido forum? Why they don't create their own forum to discuss their ideas?

Additionally they quickly diminish you or even direct O sensei students simply by saying "you don't have aiki skills'. How arrogant it is! They never met O sensei personally, but they are putting down ppl who spent with O sensei many years, and who gave all their life to teach aikido over the world. And Dan is the best in such manipulation.

And this topic is really most hilarious -- the discussion is " what O sensei wanted to teach by having on the picture one hand position different that other" !!! It is just goes against simple common sense.

It is not surprising that in such situation almost any long time aikido students write anymore on Aikiweb.
I'm not sure.

A good question to ask is why can't my particular teacher replicate the various feats ascribed to the founder of the art on trained athletic people from outside the art. You also might ask why you do all sorts of wacky exercises that seem to have no real purpose or connection to the waza you preform. You can either come to the conclusion that the founder was a super special guy, that it was all fake, or that something is missing. I used to think it was 1/2 for aikido and other arts I studied, now I tend to believe it's #3.

Once upon a time I trained in aikido and I never met anyone who could move me around with essentially zero resistance or repeat the various feats ascribed to the founder. These guys didn't force me to move in particular ways due to pain compliance or moving in a particular way was expected by your partner. Most of what I learned in aikido and various other martial arts was predominantly technique based, yet applying these techniques on IS/IP people simply didn't work. They didn't use better waza nor superior physical strength or timing like many high ranking practioners I had previously trained with.

When you start to get some exposure to the concepts talked about, you start to see how far off you (and possibly your teachers) were in the past because they simply didn't know. The various words and descriptions take on new meanings as if your "eyes were opened to budo". (Who said that? )

As for why aikido? Well its been answered before, but the whole IS/IP fits in rather nicely. Plenty of people have argued that aikido simply doesn't work on resisting opponents. IS powered aikido appears to work according to people that attend seminars by various MA people. A reasonable conclusion is that IS people can make aikido work without using better technique, more strength or better timing, and might have a better understanding of what aiki is.

Or its simply a big money grabbing scam and everyone is a sucker (yet some people can replicate the results.... oops don't pay attention to them)

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