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Cady Goldfield
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Re: we need you Szczepan

Aiki isn't an aikido topic?
Aikido people who are training aiki and posting about it here on AikiWeb aren't on topic?
Aikido people who are training aiki and posting about it here on AikiWeb aren't to be believed?
Respected aikido shihan who are now training aiki and incorporating it into their aikido aren't to be trusted as doing real aikido?
The one individual who has been teaching aiki in his home dojo to any sincere seeker FREE OF CHARGE for more than 20 years, and is now giving seminars for a limited time and for minimal tuition that is only break-even (or not even break-even), is a "spammer"?
It's okay to make fun of a photo because you don't understand what's going on in it?

Man, this stuff must be better hidden in plain sight from some folks than I thought!

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
You know Jonathan, this forum was designed to discuss aikido topics. However it became impossible to do it . Every more or less technical discussion quickly is spammed with "aiki" or "IP" off topics and a real topic is not discussed anymore. This spamming is done by pll who even don't practice aikido or by fresh converters who were not happy with their aikido skills. As even between them they can't agree on clear definition of ‘aiki' they create environment where only ‘those chosen" can have real understanding. Like in those famous religious sects.

What they are doing on aikido forum? Why they don't create their own forum to discuss their ideas?

Additionally they quickly diminish you or even direct O sensei students simply by saying "you don't have aiki skills'. How arrogant it is! They never met O sensei personally, but they are putting down ppl who spent with O sensei many years, and who gave all their life to teach aikido over the world. And Dan is the best in such manipulation.

And this topic is really most hilarious -- the discussion is " what O sensei wanted to teach by having on the picture one hand position different that other" !!! It is just goes against simple common sense.

It is not surprising that in such situation almost any long time aikido students write anymore on Aikiweb.
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