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we need you Szczepan

As someone who has never met Dan, nor anyone who trains with him, I want to say something. Does he have a secret moneymaking scheme that is covered up in an aiki conspiracy? Well I guess I don't know. But let's be reasonable.

His posts and the ensuing discussion have tangibly changed my aikido, for the better. Why? Because of the discussion and the heart that people put into it. It led me to re-examine things. That's really the point of a discussion board, isn't it?

I am almost sure none of that would have happened if no one disagreed and argued. So, we as a community benefit from people arguing. But only real argument can benefit us-- what is the reason for your disagreement, which particular things do you think are BS? What is better in your opinion and what evidence/effects does your opinion produce as fuel for the argument?

Szczepan, humor is good but there is room to be more substantive. If you have a case to make, let's hear it and actually have something to disagree about.

sorry for the rant..
Mike, I took the photo to be a message moreso than a demo of usage. As in, "hi can you people please look into 'yin and yang'?"
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