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Mike Sigman
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Re: Hidden in Plain Sight - Indeed!

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
Well Mike, I am open to any pointers you may want to throw out here.

While I honestly believe that you are making a fair and good point, to be completely truthful in my reply I think my personal answer to those questions would be "No." For me, that's not really the _next_ logical step at all.
Well, my comment was more in line that missing some fairly important can often happen more than once. If you remember some of the earlier conversations there was a lot of denial that anyone could possible be missing any important information. That sort of thing can happen time and time again, not just once, in my experience.

The comment about what Ueshiba knew and when did he know it is, in my opinion, fairly important. I stated before (a few years back) that there are some important differences between what Shioda, Tohei, Ueshiba, and others actually do in their versions of internal strength. And a lot of these comments about "spiralling" need to be thought out a little further, IMO.

2 cents

Mike Sigman
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