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Re: Hidden in Plain Sight - Indeed!

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Your post are soooo boring last 10 years, Dan. You repeat yourself wihout mercy. You are coming to Aikiweb to do marketing your business and the same time you spit in the face to all aikido community... what a pity...
It might help if you asked the "aikido community" before you spoke for them. I'm pretty sure that Bill Gleason and George Ledyard would have a different opinion than yours. Not to mention some other high ranked aikido people that I've been to a workshop with. Or those people outside of aikido, who are still helping the aikido community, like Ellis Amdur or Howard Popkin.

I think it's rather rude that you neglect the history of how Dan first started. It's out there but some people are just too lazy to find it. It was Ellis who dragged Dan out of his closed barn kicking and screaming, not really wanting to go out and meet people.

You know what? It was the quality of character of the budo people that he met that kept him going. It was never the quality of aiki because we didn't have it. After meeting Dan (and Andy) we realized that fact. Business? No. It's a screaming horde of martial artists wanting THE secret to aikido. The aiki that made Ueshiba great as a martial artist.

You know what it was to be a good budo man? When a martial artist heard of someone who had a reputation for being outstanding, the good budo man would go out of his way to meet and train with that outstanding person. Why do you think thousands wanted to train with Takeda, Sagawa, Kodo, and Ueshiba? We hear a good bit about their students because they were good budo men. They went, experienced, and started training. Ever hear about those budo men who stayed home?

Ledyard, Popkin, Amdur, Gleason, Ikeda, and a host of others chasing aiki. How about if you direct your comments of "spit in the face to all aikido community" to us before you speak for us. We certainly don't feel that way. Because it is we of the aikido community who are asking for the workshops and the training.

The pity ... is that people would rather be lazy and remain in ignorance than have to maybe face the fact that they do not have aiki.

There are a lot of people from various martial arts all working and training together because of aiki and *that* as far as I'm concerned is fulfilling one of Ueshiba's visions for his aikido, not to mention actually training for Ueshiba's aiki. The pity ... is that those people supposedly chasing Ueshiba's vision are spitting in the face of this and the the aikido community who are.
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