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Re: summer! yay!

Every so often I need to take a break from AikiWeb because I let the negativity get to me. Then I come back because I really miss the good stuff.
I really appreciate Jun's vision and work to make this place. I have learned a lot here... about Aikido and myself.

We have a seminar this week end. I get to do some stuff to get ready for it. People will come from this dojo and our other dojos. We will train together and eat some good food. We will train sweat, laugh and practice sincerely.

After class on Sunday we will have a potluck and talk about our families and old times. We will congratulate the man that is testing for 1st Dan and talk about things that we loved about the seminar.

We used to go to summer camp in Philadelphia for 4 days. Now we have a great seminar in the summer for just 2 long classes. I love as we get older we continue to train in a way that works for us. Looks like the weather is going to be in the mid 80s...great weather for training not to hot but hot enough to help us feel more flexible.
have a great summer weekend...I am keeping my hopes high and my expectations low!

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