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You could replace it with a lot of things while keeping it, as you said, "semantically correct". I like to play Mad Libs too .

My point was that this kind of phrase is a marker for a certain kind of training - and if you've done that kind of training the meaning becomes almost painfully clear. Now, once may be a coincidence, but the telltales are scattered through Ueshiba's writings with such frequency that I wonder why most people (including me) didn't realize that they were getting smacked in the face with this earlier.


I think it is fair to say that unless you have had it explained, it really isn't that clear. Stop and consider, how many Aikido Shihans do you see moving in accord with your new awareness?

Which raises the other uncomfortable, but again obvious fact, that must logically follow, is this new information supports my contention;
Contrary to popular belief the vast majority of his students -including the famous translators- really didn't have a clue and just didn't get it.
Just like Ueshiba said...""
Now add the reference in Ellis's Post here where the student Henry (Kono) gave O-sensei his birthday card, he asked him, "Why can we not do what you do, Sensei?" O-Sensei's reply was direct, simple and final, "Because you don't understand yin and yang."
Not only have things not changed, many who do not have exceptional skill, nor any obvious and unusual power are as confidant in their mistaken paths today as they were then.
As I used to say on the Aikido list
"Aikido, full the wrong direction."
The only difference is that now, today, with greater exposure to information and training, one by one, they see it and are going back to the origin.
Exploring the principles of the founders Aiki.
It isn't popular to say, but even O sensei said it.
It really is a tale of two aikidos.
Those doing Aikido™
Those doing the way of aiki
All the best

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