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Re: Hidden in Plain Sight - Indeed!

Ellis is again spot on with these observations.
I've nothing much to add.

The spiraling I have long ago pointed to, and Ellis is suggesting as well in the Hisa photo is demonstrated as an additive at the end of many throws in Ueshiba's randori films. He is actually doing the spiraling that he talks about and others mistranslate or leave out altogether. Like; spiraling with the legs; in and out on opposing sides mentioned in a couple of different areas by Ueshiba.
In the film the spirals are everywhere within his movement, but the exaggerated movement he displays as he jumps away (one arm up the other down) is not needed, so it is indeed as if he is saying; "Look..look at me...see what I am doing...hint, hint!" Just as he said, dropping hints all over to see who would pick them up.

Circles are not spirals. Once demonstrated and taught, you can show people where their arts waza are based and where and how they degenerated into something else. I have yet to meet the person that once shown...ever wanted to go back. There is a reason that he said Aikido is elbow power and it has little to do with just how you move your arms.

As Ellis pointed out; why follow up when Ueshiba talked to people about six directions, heaven/earth/man, spiraling and they do not ask why, do not know why....and apparently don't much care either.

There is more to be revealed/ reviewed with some of the new translation work being done after exposure to IP/aiki work. Chris Li might be a person to watch for what he comes up with now that he is training this way.

Good stuff Ellis
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