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Re: Cross training with Hapkido? Any advice?

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Something else that may be worth looking into is "cross training" in an Asian classical FINE art: Calligraphy, dance, ikebana, tea ceremony etc, there are loads of options. How many martial arts does one need to learn?
i can see the calligraphy and dance, but tea ceremony? why does the japanese makes a big thing out of drinking tea. i meant you just heat the water, throwing some tea leaves, let it sit for a bit, then drink (slowly or you burn your tongue). i meant they don't even serve snacks for christ sake! at least the chinese has dim-sum that you can enjoy and internalize (some you might not want to internalize). incidentally, there is no good dim-sum place in this town, which is really suck! methink, chinese tea approach is better, at least you ended up with a full stomach of stuffs (unmentionable stuffs, but stuffs nevertheless).
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