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Re: kamae problem

a question or two for you learned gentlemen and ladies. what is the translation of hanmi? is it natural stance or walking natural stand? they are two different things. natural stance is feet parallel shoulder width apart. natural walking stance is one foot in front of the other shoulder width apart. also, since we have two feet, how do we point our feet in six direction (alien species don't count)? and what are the six directions? i know the IS/IP answer, but would like to know the normal physical answer, i.e. non-IS/IP answer.

something you might want to consider that asian languages are filled with symbolism and imagery, even when you thought it's plainly stated, it's not. take for example, in vietnamese, we talked about "travel to the 4 seas". it doesn't mean we travel to the 4 seas, but it meant to "travel the world", i.e. travel all over the world. similar to shihonage, it's not the 4 corners throw as interpreted by a number of folks, but it meant around the world, as in spinning in full circle.

i am telling you that them asians are annoying. why couldn't they just use plain english??!!!
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