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Hi Josh
All due respect, dont confuse translation abilities with the subject material. I was addressing the direct reading of Ueshiba's words (all others being secondary) as done by a professional translator, who is also an Aikido teacher and is also familiar with internal power terms and teachings.
We agree on what Ueshiba's actual words were. Fine. You want to debate that they are an "idea" open for debate. I am telling you it is an established principle.
I gave you another example of its use in Noh dancing and of Ueshiba himself acknowledging its use, which you left unaddressed.

Just because you don't know what six direction training is does not mean that others versed in it have to explain it to you in order for its pedagogy to be valid.
1. I have stood in rooms with dozens of Martial artists and gave instruction "Maintain six directions in your stance" and everyone there knew what I was referring to. No explanation needed.

Hanmi does not cut it, and it is a piss poor reflection on his teaching to say: .
Ueshiba said stand in Hanmi
When he really said
Open your legs in Six direction awareness. You can stand in hanmi all day long and never accomplish six direction awareness in your body.

I mean this respectfully but Saito, Stevens, Stan, Peter, you and one million Aikido-ka debating it, doesn't change a thing, other than you don't know what your founder was talking about and now want to debate a well known teaching model as if it is debatable in the first place BECUASE of your ignorance.
At last Chiba had the guts to say he didn't get it and didn't care.

Go study the internal arts. When you hear the term for the umpteenth thousandth time along with a host of others Ueshiba might understand his level of education included well establised principles not subject to debate by you or anyone else.
What if he wrote that aikido training must be consistent with the six harmonies.
What if the translator a) did not know the term b) screwed around and had it come out with something consistent with his understanding of aikido be in harmony with your opponent
Aikido-ka would accept it on the spot.
Anyone reading (with a better education) would laugh out loud.

Stevens, Saito and Pranin would not have had to read Ueshiba's mind were they educated in the same principles Ueshiba was educated in would they? Had they followed through with some research they could have fleshed out a broader meaning or better still, would have understood what Ueshiba was saying in the first place..

Presupposing that being versed in one area makes you qualified in another is just a mistake; choosing to remain unaware with better access to research, and information is purposeful.
I hope this debate does not sour what has otherwise been positive communicaton between us.
All the best
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