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Re: How to do Harai-tsuki

Nathalie Daux wrote: View Post
Helloo. I am testing relatively soon and need to know harai tsuki. I used to remember it but I am entirely blanking out on it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to my dojo until my testing date, so it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could send a video or explain how to do harai tsuki. Thanks!
Dear Nathalie,
Disregard the last blog!!! My mind went blank.Right ,here goes:
1.Both persons uke /tpri face each other in left hanmi.
2. Uke initiates a thrust to Tori -chudan level [middle] lefthand /foot leading.
3. Tori [keeping left foot unmoved] opens up to the left , using hips thus Uke misses the target. A quarter turn only-one hip/step.This is vital.At this point Tori simultaneously , using the bottom of the jo, quickly brings the jo up and attacks the leading wrist/hand of Uke[ie left ].Think of this a an upward cut with a spear [one with cutting edge near the floor].In practical terms this move slices the inside wrist of Uke or cuts the thumb.
Note to protect his fingers Uke has to take his thumb away, while using palm of the left hand , controls the jo.
4.Almost in a second[no time delay ] Tori moves forward [left foot advanced ] and makes a tsuki to ukes middle.Use spiral motion in the tsuki attack here-gives more potential penetration .
5.Uke must be aware of the attack on his wrist /body so has to keep alert.
Harai Zuki [tsuki ] is no 3 in the 36 jo movemens of Chiba Sensei dvd.
Sorry for my earlier mistake. Hope this helps.If you require further explanation contact me P.M
Cheers, Joe
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