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Re: intimidation

Typically most fights are started by aggressive, type A males. Usually it's mainly intimidation as much as anything else, as NOBODY wants to end up in jail for brawling in public. So guys like this will often puff up and make a lot of noise, but rarely will they initiate the violence.

Now saying these things might very well get you fought, so be careful. But if they are looking at you crazy, then say something to you like "What you looking at son!?" You can reply, "OHHHH, your're a tough guy. That's what this is. For a minute I thought you were gay and were hitting on me." They really hate that one.

Then if you get a guy who gets real aggressive and in your face, calling you names and what not, just assume you'll be fighting soon and take your fighting stance. Then no matter what he says next, say: "Then do something coward." And just repeat that over and over again, letting him know that he is a coward until he either fights you, or walks away and shuts up.

It may seem like these things would incite someone to violence, but it is actually used to make peope look and feel stupid. Most guys aren't going to fight, but many will bark and pound their chests in order to try to intimidate you and make themselves look cool. You have to remind them that it's all talk and all show if they are not willing to combat you over it.
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