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Re: Tips for kids class

Typically most dojos instill a sense of discipline in their students, especially children (who need it the most). That being said, the student's ability to receive discipline is directly related to what goes on at home. I was a good kid, taught well by my parents, so I always feared and respected my master, never doing anything that I thought would disappoint him. That being said, there were some kids who you could tell just weren't getting it. I recall the kid who for no apparent reason spat a huge puddle in front of him during stretching excercises one day. Who does that in a dojo?!?

I guess the point is that for most kids, a standardized disciplined based system will work. They can be trained alongside adults in most cases. But there are some kids that won't allow themselves to be trained, at least not easily. That's a problem any teacher or parent faces with children, even outside of martial arts.
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