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Cross training with Hapkido? Any advice?

I have been training in Aikido for over a year now and I am enjoying it very much. Just recently tho I have been tempted to cross train with another martial art. Some may recall me asking about training Kali Escrima, which I tried, but it didnt seem to 'click' with me so I didnt pursue it. However more recently I thought about Wing Chun but was put off it somewhat by people saying the footwork is completely different to Aikido and the two arts would not blend well?

So here I am now considering Hapkido. Obviously there are similarities between Aikido and Hapkido BUT do the two arts blend together relatively easily, ie footwork, or am I going to find it more confusing than rewarding? Is there anyone out there that trains in both these arts that could maybe pass on some advice?

Many thanks,
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