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Re: kamae problem

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Do you know how it has been revised, I assume by comparison with the English edition by John Stevens?
I just looked it over when I thought of bying the German edition. What I didn't do. So I can't give a detailed comparison.

But the German edition was edited by a publisher who is known to emphasize the "love and harmony aspects" of aikido and also the "aikido outside the dojo aspects".
The "martial" aspects do not interest him in the same way.
He is the owner of one of the only two dojo in Germany which follow Tohei sensei.

This "weighting" of different "aspects" of aikido can be found in his Text.

I remember one example:
There is one passage where Stevens translates - my words - 'in real battle/fight strike your opponents face with full force'.
This sentence simply doesnt't exist in the German Text.
Whether - or how - it is found in the Japanese Text I don' tknow?
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