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Bruce Baker
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When I first proposed the question, it was in the spirit of good natured practice, and the use of inflicting minimum pain to persuade movement. I know that many times, myself included, we hurry to complete the techniques without proving each step that allows the next movement to happen.

Sometimes the resistence of your partner, or the attempt to wriggle out of a hold are helpful training tools, but I was refering to the individual that decides you are doing the technique wrong and must prove it to you.

I have seen a couple of these people, and I did see lttle improvement in one of them at the seminar I attended over the past weekend as the instructor corrected what was being practiced three or four times. Still clinging to the bad habits, this person is taking much longer to blend into practice.

Of course, the good nature of the other practitioners, instructors does show through.

The reminder of pain is the que to our continued technique or movement. Sometimes the redirection of movement, or initiation of movement is our practice, but each following movement is based on the premise of causing a change in the present situation which allows for change. If we have the resistent uke, then either a prode of pain with a correct twist, lock, or prod is needed to open the opportunity to do the practiced technique.

Of course, our attitude, acceptence of sharing our good nature, and continued friendship towards those who oppose the well intentioned pratice of Aikido is the battle of letting others into our joy of practice.

I think that our own battle to maintain this good attitude, be helpful, even to resistent ukes, is a titanic struggle of our inner core.

Of course, my answer is to bring the instructor over and crank the uke as the instructor points out the fine points of the lesson, which most times I am hesitant to do. But isn't it most satisfying when you do as instructed "like this", and the instructor says"no, like this", then you do it again with"oh, you mean like this."

Funny how only one or two people don't learn to go with the flow?
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