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Re: Why move from the center?

Hi guys, a 2-parter here:
I was playing with ways I could have mis-interpreted things. Lots of ideas have been talked about over the years, including heaven referring to up and down and earth referring to horizontal. Then looking at Mike's newish blog post "Baseline Parameters," I thought of the idea of heaven referring to air pressure and earth referring to both grf and gravity. I don't think either of those interpretations is correct.
I also found an old judoforum post (number 46 here) where Mike explicitly defines Ki of Earth as ground and Ki of Heaven as gravity, along with this old post.
Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Roughly speaking, the strength from the ground goes through the bones (ki of Earth) and the "connective", "down-pulling" strength (ki of Heaven) goes through the fascia/ki arrangement (which is more complex than that simple statement implies).
Anyway just trying to narrow down any errors I may be spouting..

Replies to Lee and Graham.
Lee, great photos I don't get the little picture of the muscle arm next to the aikido guys, but what that tsuki the guy is doing looks like one thing that people have said is "using the hips." And as you point out, it has to do not with lifting but with projecting forward. That is to say, the muscles that twist the hips are used (to twist the hips), while the arm/upper body is coupled to the hips. So that tsuki can be "from the hips." I've been shown it, and practiced it.

Graham, that is an example of what I used to think was good. That is, I didn't generate a tsuki from the shoulders, so I thought that was right. I also used to do shomen suburi like this too-- meaning, as the hip pivots with power, the sword is flung forward. But how about this. We train a lot in seiza. So I couldn't do suburi in seiza. I couldn't punch in seiza. I couldn't do anything. So that was one of the things several years ago that allowed me to think, "something isn't right."
But in the end who needs to do all that from seiza. That was a cue for me, but it wasn't the main reason to change. Long story short, I see both the hips and the shoulders as joints. They are points of articulation. They move. That is their job. Generating power is not their job. Power and connection has to make it through them, that is my point in studying them.

[edit: Lee! I liked the other "shoulders" photo!]

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