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Diana Frese
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Re: Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?

Oops, I'd better stop being mysterious. The senpai is Harvey Konigsberg, from the old NY Aikikai and my former student who lives up in Maine attended a seminar and said she agreed about the "lion paw" aspect, strong but subtle, I'm just not very good at technical descriptions as I said before.

The other former student of mine that I mentioned attended Yamada Sensei's seminars and really likes them. She also likes Sioux Hall (one of Kanai Sensei's students) and I think she also took class with Laura Pavlik, and liked the class very much.
(I'm starting to sound like Facebook with all the "likes")

I write to Yamada Sensei from time to time just to say hi, now I'll have to write to Harvey and hope he doesn't mind about the "lion paw" description.

It's great to read about relatively new, and very enthusiastic students so thanks again for your posts, I'll keep reading.
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