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Diana Frese
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Re: Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?

Hi Selin,

Thanks for your kind reply. I saw Yamada Sensei at a class he taught at a friend of my husband's and mine's dojo here in town. Back in 2003 and a video or so, though my dial up computer has trouble with downloads and doesn't seem to be able to do them at all recently. In his case it seems the same as always and to be sure my friends and I admire it just the way it is. But one of my senpai's from the old New York Aikikai now seems to have a different form from before, but still very good.

I've been thinking about writing him or asking our friend here, since he visited here before Yamada Sensei did. Then with permission I will mention his name. Sorry to be so mysterious. However, Yamada Sensei in an editorial said he doesn't expect everyone to look like him, since everyone has a different body structure, maybe personality, etc. I'll try to find the quote. Yamada Sensei mentioned singing as an example, he admires Frank Sinatra but doesn't try to imitate him.

I guess I'd better find the article so you can read it for yourself. For now, I'll just say that one of my former students, who moved back to Long Island, has attended his seminars and really likes them, probably for the energy and the clarity....

As for the senpai I mentioned, another student of mine had moved to Maine and when I mentioned "lion paw" and to see if she thought his technique reminded her of that she agreed. I don't know how else to describe it. Strong, but catlike.

I guess I'd better get permission, then recommend a video for the Aiki Web viewers, or everyone will say I've gone into the Twilight Zone or something. I just have difficulty with the usual way of describing techniques.... and I have to admit, there is a lot of controversy on Aiki Web, so I'll just recommend people check these things out for themselves.

I hope I've taken the first step in answering your question by giving an example of two major teachers, one who seems same as always and one who seemed surprisingly different from what I remembered.

But 2011 is a new decade so you're right, I should go visit them and my other teachers and senpai's .... thanks again and good luck in your further studies and in finding people to train with if your job involves relocation...
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