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Re: kamae problem

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
I was not taking this thread seriously at first and thought that Josh Reyer summed it up well. And now here we are talking about one of the most important issues in international aikido-- accurate translation of the founder.

I saw Stan Pranin's comment on the origin of written works here. (scoll down to comments) But I have not ordered that book yet. So, I hope the passage we are discussing is of known "authentic" origin. I'd better get that book!
Hello Jonathan,

If you look at Stan Pranin's Aikido Journal website and scroll down to the blog for July 21, you will see a still shot of Saito Morihiro holding a book. The book is entitled 武道 Budo and is the book from which the Japanese text was taken in my earlier post. My own copy is dated June, Showa 13 (1938) and signed Ueshiba Moritaka. The provenance of this book has been discussed by Stan extensively. It is of interest to note that the much maligned Kisshomaru is uke in many of the photographs that are included with the Japanese text.

Best wiishes

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