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Neil Mick
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Kevin Leavitt wrote:

I assume you study aikido...

Do you not see the paradox in practicing aikido as a means to peace?

People join the military for the most part, (at least in my country) not to fight wars, to kill or be killed, but to protect their freedoms and peace. By presenting a strong military force, you can do much to prevent war from happening.

The paradox is that both the military and the peace corp have the same goal on a global scale, to keep peace for the United States.

The peace corps is a better way to true, long lasting peace. The military can only assure peace as long as it presents a presence and a threat. It is therefore short term in perspective.

I think there are some good examples where NATO, and the UN are doing much work using military forces as peacekeeping forces to keep countries like Bosnia from committing Genocide and having internal conflict while they educate and rebuild.
Again, I must disagree.

The military is used, as Javier said, for corporate purposes first, and foremost. Since the government is most often guided by corporate interests (due to politicians elected on soft money), the military, as a tool for the gov't, serves as a corporate tool, by association.

Corporations have shown to express a poor regard for worker rights, or quality of life in those areas outside the US that they control. Certainly, their environmental considerations extend as far as a good PR campaign, no more.

They also aren't above the little scam of resources to bilk their customers (note the PG & E fraud, remember?), and they seem quite content to subvert the (originally intended) egalitarian nature under which the Constitution. For that matter, corporations couldn't care less about ANY laws that contravene profits.

To suggest that the acquisitive and destructive nature of corporations will bring us world peace is quite Orwellian in its absurd reverse-logic.
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