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Re: Moving with your center

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
oops... it won't let me edit it. Sorry I got confused with the names. I meant you Graham although I think Marc has been standing to the side fanning the flames. In any case, it is unbecoming for all three of you.
I must be weird.

These are the threads I learn something from. There's no shame in disagreeing, and none in disagreeing vehemently. This stuff matters, right? You care about it? So why should disagreements not be vehement?

So we now know that Graham's 8 directions have nothing to do with Dan's 6 directions, yes? Because they don't at a minimum even consider the up/down dimension. Doesn't that seem of some passing interest to you?

And the spirals that Graham talks about, the external spirals visible in sankyo, have nothing to do with the spirals formed through the body that Dan talks about? (Dan will correct me in his usual gentle fashion, if I misrepresent him. ) Isn't that an important thing to know?

Dan's discussion of what he sees in Graham's videos? (Sorry, Graham-san, you're being used as data here, nothing to do with you personally.) Pure gold. I quote:
  • shifting weight side to side, one side weighted
  • using the hips and shoulders in-line for power and not dantian
  • rocking on his feet from load

Good, great, let me start looking for that, not least in my own technique.

And this: "Were you to examine certain older arts (particularly with heavy weapons), you would see straightforward training that helped eliminate much of that" -- Which I'm now connecting with my sword training and thinking: hmmm.

Arigato goma-somethingorother to all the participants and please, continue.
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