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Lee Salzman
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Re: Moving with your center

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I would like to hear too.
Yes I thought it was pretty much the opposite problem from most folks. But, in theory it is equally as big an issue.. we just seem to generally see a bias toward stiff. But this is EXACTLY what should happen if people are told to relax, but are not given something specific to replace what the arms were doing.
So I am glad that we can see the one in 10,000 threads where this rare thing is actually happening.
Is it really that odd, especially for someone who has been training a bit? But the idea of Tohei Senseii's ki principles, which I was ironically more exposed to through my various ASU teachers than through the one Ki Society student (who had trained under Imaizumi Sensei), but to quote:

1. Keep one point.
2. Relax completely.
3. Keep weight underside.
4. Extend ki.
Is it any wonder that, hearing those things, as random quips from a teacher among others, a student might get confused, take them literally, and go to extremes that send them shooting in entirely unproductive directions? As a set of principles, they are not very informative and rather unbalanced in their attachments to one extreme over another.
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