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Re: Moving with your center

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
And another attempt to get the train back on the rails goes down in flames.

Does it strike nobody else that the OP's question is very odd? The ratio of people who get on the mat with overly stiff arms to those who get on the mat with overly limp arms is, it seems to me, about 1000:0.

I'd sort of like to hear from the OP if she's tried any of the advice and how it went for her.
I would like to hear too.
Yes I thought it was pretty much the opposite problem from most folks. But, in theory it is equally as big an issue.. we just seem to generally see a bias toward stiff. But this is EXACTLY what should happen if people are told to relax, but are not given something specific to replace what the arms were doing.
So I am glad that we can see the one in 10,000 threads where this rare thing is actually happening.
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