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Re: Moving with your center

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Don't make this personal, Dan. I have reservations that I have refrained from mentioning publicly out of consideration for you. Don't try to take advantage of my silence.
Where do you see anything personal?
It's been suggested several times. I offered to go there as well. It's never gonna happen, Rob.
Two of the invitations have been discussed here on aikiweb, though if I recall correctly, they involved Ron and Mary.
Where do you see any need to bring up your feelings about me?
Where do you see the need to go personal and mention why, at all?
Is this the formal reply from your group AFTER your group had asked me to come and share our aiki together, and no one replied to my email?
If so, it would have probably been more professional to let me know of your reservations by email, instead of letting me know by choosing to use aikiweb to state publicly that you have some sort of negative feelings.

It's sometimes difficult to navigate various people's standards. You'll understand that I now have reservations of my own.
Oh well.

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