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Re: kamae problem

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Hello Joe,
If it is true you did actually practice with world class judoka, you are familiar, that they use almost identical kamae like in sword practice or in boxing. We in aikido struggle to have similar agility in all directions as in boxing, and our roots are from sword practice -- what would be a good reason to adopt all time such strange posture as L kamae?

In L kamae you can't walk naturally in such kamae, can you? Your shoulders, hips, backbone, knees and feet are twisted each in different direction so can't align whole body in the way to deliver maximum power in one point. You can't create your power from big toe of back foot. Even if you create some modest power from shoulders, you can't shift it efficiently thru the joints to your attacker….

I fail to see a single advantage, really….
Dear Szczepan,
A picture they say is worth a thousand words.Go to You Tube. Key in Biran on line. View the many vids there. Cheers, Joe.
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