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Talking Re: Moving with your center

[quote=Dan Harden;288142]Heh heh heh
Okay, I'll play. Moving from your center imparts a certain conditioning there. One of the giveaways of those who really don't get it is their non-conditioned loose fat belllies and stiff bodies, which rock their frame on to their heels and outer edges of their feet when they receive load- which defies any real capabilities to use dantian beyond a hopeful intellectual curiosity. It's good to get your hands on some accomplished people to see and feel the difference. [/QUOTE

Having recently had the very unexpected opportunity to get my hands on an accomplished person it was a real eye opener. Like being back at the beginning ( actually had a white belt on too - which was very apt ) and getting your mind round something like this. For those who have an open mind to learning it is one of the best feelings - one that I want to repeat again in the not too distant future.
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