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Re: Moving with your center

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
No ,if you want advice for doing mma from Dan or chinese martial arts from Mike the non-Aikido forum would be the place to go, but for Aikido stick with the Aikido portion of Aikiweb.
I guess I'm just dense. I interpreted this to mean: If you want to talk about improving your Aikido, keep it in the Aikido portion of Aikiweb because that's where Aikido discussions belong. If you're talking about improving your Aikido with IP, keep it in the Aikido portion of AIkiweb because ditto. And if Dan or Mike or anybody else comes along to add insight about how to improve your Aikido with IP or IS or any of that internal stuff, it's fine to do that in the Aikido portion of Aikiweb because ditto.

This is one art, not two. If I want to talk about how carrying a blue plastic chew toy in my mouth improves my Aikido, I'll claim the right to do it in the AIkido portion of Aikiweb because ditto.

No ghettos.
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