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Toby Threadgill
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Heavyweight Cotton Hakama


I'm wondering how many people in aikido like wearing a heavyweight 100% cotton hakama? The reason I ask is since Bujin Design closed over in Boulder I have been looking for a new supplier of equipment like heavyweight cotton hakama's, keikogi, sword bags and good TSYR bokken. We've obtained new suppliers for TSYR bokken but we were not able to find a supplier for the type of keikogi, hakama's and sword bags we prefer. We are now gearing up to manufacture our own line of gear thru a company in New Zealand. The trick is volume. If there is a market for blue heavyweight cotton hakama in the aikido community I'll consider increasing my manufacturing volume and market to the aikido community.

We are also in the process of producing keikogi that are longer and more appropriate for use with a hakama than the judo type gi frequently worn by aikidoka. These keikogi have shorter sleeves, are cut longer in length and are slit in the back not in the sides. This gives the keikogi a cleaner line and prevents the gi from puckering out thru the side vent of the hakama. Both the hakama and keikogi are manufactured from 100% brushed 10oz cotton duck. They are very durable.

Toby Threadgill / TSYR
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