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Re: Moving with your center

When I was at a seminar w/ Ikeda Sensei a few months ago, for the first time, and after doing some solo IS exercises for a while, I found that it is explicitly what he is teaching, in very clear terms, and that while people were training he was very active on the mat having students of all levels grab him. Enjoy!

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
I will visit a seminar of Ikeda sensei next weekend. Never met him before.

And I never "met" IS/IP like you teach it and like it is discussed here so often. Just know this issue from reading here.

Can I get an impression of what you are talking about by practicing with him? (Or by watching him. I don't expect giving ukemi ...)
To what do I have to pay attention or watch out for?
Can you guide my eyes or even better my feeling , my attentivness?

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