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Re: kamae problem

Dear Peter,
Thanks for your comments on the question of Weapons.In my time here in Britain/U.S.A primarily studying with Chiba Sensei we /I was exposed to Weapons work in the early 70s by Sensei.To this day Chiba Sensei is constantly working and evaluating the study of Aikiken /Aikijo /Batto Ho.
The other influences in respect of weapons work was of course Saito Sensei who came to the U.K early 70s.I also have very fond memories of Sekiya Sensei and his beautifully executed swordwork.
Since O Sensei did not have a codified system of weapons work it suggest to me that in most cases the development of weapon work was largely based on a teachers own personal study to a great extent.
Certainly Chiba Sensei encourages students to acquire skills in Batto Ho. I must confess my knees cannot handle this so I leave this to the young turks.
Hope you didnt get too wet recently. Being an ex Brit rain should be a doddle for you. Cheers, Joe.
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