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Diana Frese
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Re: On who should teach beginners

I was fortunate to be visiting friends in Boston the year the new dojo was being built. I didn't help out much, but I did some sweeping while it was going on, not having any skills. I enjoyed the training very much, the classes taught by Kanai Sensei and by senior students. I was there average once a month for a few days, except for when there were seminars elsewhere in the area.

The other yudansha suggested attending beginner classes. At first I wondered if they thought something had been missing from my training and needed remediation .... (of course we all have things we could improve....) But I don't think that was what they meant. I arranged for my assistant to handle the Thursday classes here so I could go up a day early and I found the beginner class was full of .... yudansha no doubt learning the secrets of Aikido there.

I've told that story for years, so glad to see a thread on the topic of teaching beginners!

Instead of three or four techniques in an hour, it was one, divided into three or so parts. It was great!
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