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Re: The Word "Aikido"

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
The same source as the founder's model of aiki.
You noted in that other thread that aiki is best learned in aikido not from outside the art. I've not found that to be true.
Strangely, many teachers in the art, (now including more and more teachers and shihan like Ikeda ) have found going outside of modern aikido to actually learn aiki was best. Then again, so did Shioda, and Tohei.
Can you explan that?
DearMr Harden,
I cannot comment on you statement concerning Shioda Sensei external training outside of Aikido, however in Tohei Senseis case you seem to have made an error chronologically speaking concerning Tohei Senseis external training.Tohei Sensei originally studied Judo,He then spent considerable time studying Zen meditation , Ki develpment [later developing Kiatsu]and misogi practice PRIOR to studying Aikido.Tohei Sensei continued to study these methods of training in a ongoing basis,but to suggest that Tohei Sensei
AFTER training in Aikido sought other methods in this instance is incorrect. Cheers, Joe.
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