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Re: Moving with your center

Hunter Lonsberry wrote:
As for moving with the center, you will probably get better discussion out of the non-aikido forum as well for specific exercises.
No ,if you want advice for doing mma from Dan or chinese martial arts from Mike the non-Aikido forum would be the place to go, but for Aikido stick with the Aikido portion of Aikiweb.

I haven't heard or read much of anything here that had good practical value for training "moving from your center" from any source in aikido. I've met top Japanese teachers and many shihan under them. I've yet to meet anyone teaching modern Aikido who had students who were good at these things who learned it from within modern Aikido. They all went outside the art as well.
Can you tell us who you were referring to from Aikido™, so it just doesn't sound like sour grapes?
The fact that you still think moving from your center is different in Aikido™ then elsewhere, pretty much defines where you're at. For everyone else who knows better, your points make no sense at all.

Good luck in your search. I would suggest either going outside modern Aikido yourself or going to some of the teachers who have been going outside to learn. There are more and more of them. But wait...if you go to people like Ikeda and others like are doing what you just advocated against. Because they went outside Aikido™ to get it as well.
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