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Re: The Word "Aikido"

[/quote] The word "Aikido" is simply a word. Like the word "Love", or "Hate" or even "Peace" are each but mere words. Like when looking at our atmosphere, we may see "blue" skies, or fiery "red" sunsets, or even the "grey" cloak of sunlight intercepted darkness. Does our description of what we see actually define what it is? Or do we need to explore, digest and understand more of what our minds and emotions may reveal by taking the time necessary to truly evaluate what our senses are apparently revealing to us? Perhaps we will discover what conclusions or judgments we make, by examining the actual lenses we look through, or what filters we construct and employ to better discriminate amongst the sensations and sensory inputs we encounter.[quote]

Hi Francis.
I like the column but the above paragraph makes it sound like Aikido is just an adjective.

The simplicity I see is that it is a noun representing a concept of a martial art. Due to it's form it is known worldwide as Aikido.

Now, no different to any other martial art be it Karate, kung fu or even writing, a person then developes their own style or methodology of teaching. Thus, as you say comes about the evolution of the art.

Each school should merely state the 'type' the description of their Aikido. It's not complicated really.

All this trying to prove this and that is just 'my blahs better than your blah'

Respect. G.
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