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Re: The Word "Aikido"

Our own aikido in the sense that he wanted everyone to discover their own path? Well sure. But, I think he wanted us to discover our path with an understanding of the Way of know...the stuff he was always talking about.
I don't think he intended his name to be put on our desires to make our own stuff up as we go along and imagine we understand the way that he was talking about. If you don't understand aiki, then no matter what you think you're doing, you are not doing his aiki-do or even your own aiki-do. Instead, you're just doing your own thing with funny looking clothes on and waiving sticks in the air. Why drag him into it at all?

Shu ha ri implies a process. Why are we discussing aiki and assuming we have approached anything even remotely related to what he was asking of us? We can make up new meanings for words all day, it just sounds like something children would do when they don't understand.

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