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Re: On who should teach beginners

Hi George,

Who better suited to teach a beginner, than one with “shoshinsha no shin”, or a beginner’s mind? One with such a humble perspective can demonstrate the same openness to fresh ideas and guidance, and share this priceless example with the so called “newbie”.

While newcomers to Aikido training may bring a clean slate to practice, it is also true that they can bring immense resources and talents unknown and untapped as well. What a true shame and loss to deny ourselves, and our dojos, of such potential treasures and value by being unconsciously blind and smug about our seemingly relative advantage.

While the accomplished consider themselves “ no greater than the least, and no lesser than the great”, why not take full and grateful advantage that each happy encounter really has to offer. Instead of lowering ourselves to teach a “newbie”, we can rise to the occasion of an exchange with a peer. Works for me.
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