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Re: Aiki strategy outside the dojo

Hmmm...wondering...if you divided into 5 teams of 4 each and went after each flag at once? Each team having a "go to next" plan so no need to regroup for a while?

Jesse Dollarhite wrote: View Post
I found it amazing how Aikido's idea of blending with the attacker worked so well.
It hit me while I was playing World of Warcraft.
The game was a 20 man team vs. A 20 man team.
To win you must capture a majority of 5 flags for a certain amount of time.
Usually, both teams run aimlessly towards these flags attempting to gain the flag through brute force.
A we were losing, I remembered my Aikido class I had left 30 minutes ago and this idea formed - What if we moved where the enemy left? Efficiently avoiding wasting time away from flags and immediately causing hysteria to the enemy, causing them to split to more vulnerable, smaller groups trying to regain their balance.

In my opinion, after winning, I looked at this as a massive, virtual atemi.

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