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Re: kamae problem

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Joe, I have been taught three different "correct" kamae used by three different shihan level instructors - depth of stance and angle of back foot being dependent on the school and style, so my answer stands as I'm not about to start arguing with any of them.
Dear Janet,
Maybe the fact that three shihan taught different principles of kamae is the reason why so many aikidoka are mixed up?Its not about depth of foot etc its a question of presenting a half stance rather than a square on stance[ala Judoka] to you partner in a manner which precludes him /her from making a kick to the rear leg.Also you have to be approach [as Uke ] Tori not directly. Rather you make contact from a slightly angular position.This is apparent or should be in Shiho Nage.
As far as argueing with any Shihan is concerned thats being respectful.But it doesnt preclude you from having you own views or
assessing whether the input from the Shihan makes sense.Hopefully it should .
Cheers, Joe.
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