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Re: Moving with your center

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Focus on basic mechanics: "energy extension" can't make up for a sloppy stance, badly distributed weight, hands held carelessly, pivoting on the heels, etc. It's my personal belief that good basic mechanics are a prerequisite to anything like "energy extension"
Speaking of diversity of viewpoints.. I just want to point out that it is my personal belief that good basic mechanics are separate from something that is called things like "energy extension." Using that terminology, energy extension can make up for sloppy stance, etc (once you are pretty good at the energy stuff). By the same token, good stances could make up for bad energy extension, so that by using special mechanical configurations, one could blow off all the "energy" work. But personally, I was pretty good at the strong stance stuff before and it only got me so far. So I'd rather go the other route.

Mary Simonsen wrote: View Post
One problem I believe I have is I have good energy everywhere else in my body but from my shoulders to my hands I am like a hot spaghetti noodle. I have absolutely no energy from my shoulders to my hands...
I just wanted to come back to this because I realized I was barking up the wrong tree. If someone grabs your shoulder or lapels, rather than wrist, you are fine? So maybe you are GREAT at moving from your center in general, but simply have a connection deficit b/w hands and body?
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