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Re: Moving with your center

Hi Mary,

Try softly pushing on a wall, just enough to feel "connected" to it. Then breath into your abomen until you feel some pressure there. Try to avoid tighting up your abs too much to contain or increase that pressure. Once you feel some pressure there in your middle, push that ball of pressure, with your foot, towards the wall. Again, very lightly. Just enough of a push to feel the connection between your feet and the wall increase slightly. If you push too hard you'll feel all sorts of muscles tense up, so adjust to just below that point. You can do that exercise pushing or pulling and from a variety of stances. Constantly monitor your body for tension. Take a break, relax, shake it out and go again. This will help you with the connection in you and moving from your center. There are a variety of other points of interest that could be discussed in this exercise, but this should help for now.
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