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Re: The Word "Aikido"

Dear All,
I reading the the article and reading the various responses to the original blog it strikes me that each person can interpret aikido in a manner that befits them.Its a matter of choice whether one chooses the martial aspect or other areas[health\spiritual route.
Perhaps in view of this factor Aikido should not be classified or described as a Martial art since there may well be very low % of people now practicing that are inclined towards a martial aspect.
I for one am aware that in certain areas Aikido is perceived as being ineffective as a Martial art, practiced by old codgers/weaklings/guru types.This is an image which is held by others.
Was the decision taken to open up Aikido to all and sundry a good thing for the Art?Should it have remained an exclusive art [thus maintaing the original essence of the art and being the province of fewer people ] or as it is today wide spread, with lots of people doing aikido , and the quality aspect perhaps being diluted?
Cheers, Joe.
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