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Re: Moving with your center

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
No ,if you want advice for doing mma from Dan or chinese martial arts from Mike the non-Aikido forum would be the place to go, but for Aikido stick with the Aikido portion of Aikiweb.

Sorry for a touch of tangent, but I have to disagree. This thread is in the right place for the Aikido perspective, but it's not a bad idea to check out the non-Aikido forum for other views on "moving from your center." It may come from a somewhat non-Aikido tradition, but other practices' views of hara-based movement are quite relevant to learning some of the body mechanics that are involved in Ueshiba Aikido...certainly there is overlap and while I would agree it wouldn't be right to hijack this thread with the same ol' stuff many people have come so much, I can't see anything wrong with suggesting people check out the non-Aikido section in order to get more info, which is what I see Hunter as suggesting.

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