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Re: The Word "Aikido"

Francis Takahashi wrote:
The Founder made it clear that we individually and collectively are free to create our own template of Aikido, based if we wish, on the model that he himself created. This may also mean that we can interpret the meaning of his Aikido, and that of our own creation, in the manner that best suits our purpose, our sense of fairness and respect for the original model, and one that best serves our relationship with our peers and our students over time.
Hi Francis -

Thank you for once again sharing your views with us. Your statement above is a powerful assertion regarding O Sensei's intent as it relates to the development and dissemination of Aikido over time. I think that had O Sensei not had the foresight to endow Aikido with the ability to flex, grow and change with the times that today Aikido would be relegated to curiosity status practiced by only a very few. Some would argue that perhaps Aikido would have been better off with a less interpretative structure that adhered to the form and training regimen of O Sensei's art at some time prior to the second World War. Maybe so, maybe not.

The beauty of Aikido is that there's room for all to study and gain thereby from their practice. Who is so perfect in their knowledge of O Sensei's intent that they can decide whose practice is worthwhile and whose is not?



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