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Kevin Flanagan
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Re: Moving with your center

Dear Mary,
I think that I can help with this. One of my teachers taught me this to improve my bokken strikes. it works also for splitting fire wood and kokyu nage.

Imagine tht you dip the tip of your bokken, or the tip of your fingers into a can of paint. Strike as though you want to spray a line of paint along the ceiling and into your partner's center. That is extending your ki.

Eventually, this motion is like a fly fishing cast. It starts in the earth, moves up our legs, thru our bodies and out our arms.

Remember, you are already connected within yourself. If you were not, you would be dead. Our training makes us move conscious of this and more able to use this reality.

When you can do this, you have aiki. When you can do this consistently, you are sensei.

I hope this helps. Feedback appreciated.
Kevin Flanagan

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